History OF THE GARGOYLES In 2009 on the Fourth of July the Gargoyles, Protectors Of Children, motorcycle club came to be. Founding members Bam, Ribbett, Road Kill, Bulldog, Cisco, Shep, Digger, Uncle Tom, and Flats, we're all members of the organization BACA. But they were frustrated by the fact that background checks were not conducted, which therefore left that organization at risk of being infiltrated by the offenders they were sworn to protect children from. Even though they knew starting a true motorcycle club is not as easy a task as just making patches and riding bikes, they knew in their hearts what they wanted and began the tedious task of meeting all the big clubs in the area to get acceptance of their plan. They needed to receive the blessings from other clubs in order to gain credibility and show respect to tradition. After much hard work and planning, and with the blessings of fellow clubs, the Gargoyles Protectors Of Children M.C. came to be.
 GARGOYLES today Gargoyles POC MC has become widely excepted by not only the MC community but also by the community in which we live and serve. Professionals such as counselors, lawyers, teachers, doctors, daycare workers, Become familiar with what we do and have helped spread word of our mission to parents and youth. Yes we do go and support victims by sitting in the court rooms but we also help by doing things such as escorting children home that are being bullied, feelings fact families from media, maintaining parks and recreational areas for children so that they have a safe place to play, and help caregivers by lending a hand such as repairing a broken deck for grandparents so that their grandchildren would have a safe place in their home. DSHS has also become familiar with our mission and helps us to find those in need for that maybe are unsure of where to turn or are afraid. We are always finding ways in which to serve the children of our community. Please see our events page to find out more about our annual fund-raisers and other community events for both families and fellow riders.
 GARGOYLES Future We exist because of the challenges and differences between legal lines and moral lines. We will do anything to help or save a child. Kick in the door where police cannot because of lack of a warrant. Our goal is to continue to have the mother chapter in the town of our birth, the city of destiny, Tacoma Washington. But someday we would like to see gargoyles P.O.C. M.C. as a nationwide community with one common goal. Protection Of Children. What is a Motorcycle Club?
Motorcycle clubs are generally groups of individuals that come together to share a common interest, motorcycles. They Are typically made up of men but there are some specific motorcycle clubs for women as well. Though some clubs have received negative media in the past, most are generally well received in their communities and often come together to support each other in the communities in which they live. How Are the Gargoyles Different? What makes the Gargoyles different from your average MC is that they are first and foremost made up of members that are thoroughly background checked to ensure that a child predator or or dangerous individual does not sneak into their ranks. Secondly, their mission to protect children comes first above any other function within their club. Many of our members are parents themselves and their mission includes their own families.
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